Coordinating Automated Traffic

Introducing the AeroNet, a flying wireless mesh network that coordinates automated vehicles with all other traffic, ensuring the public’s safety and security.
Given the rapid growth of remotely operated and automated vehicles below the National Airspace System, a Traffic Management System (UTM) is needed to ensure the safe, secure, and efficient integration and coordination of both crewed and uncrewed aircraft in low-altitude airspace.
In partnership with the Michigan Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division, WSP, and the City of Detroit, ASX is deploying a novel system for scaling transportation automation throughout Detroit and Michigan.


Our Solution

Communication-based Infrastructure
for Air + Ground Transportation
All transportation works best when there is a universally defined infrastructure that is ubiquitously and equitably available.

AeroNet is a communication-based digital infrastructure with the tools to build the mathematical models of cities, airports and suburbs. These tools will provide infrastructure owners and operators the ability to:
  • License and authenticate traffic
  • Broadcast rules and standards
  • Enable collision avoidance and safety messasing
  • Mix automateds and piloted traffic
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AeroNet Enables SMART..


As cities and suburbs grapple with traffic and congestion, and the new emergence of automated ground and aerial vehicles, they don’t have the infrastructure needed to manage crewed and uncrewed traffic.


Increase productivity, capacity, safety and system integrity of our Nation’s 5,000 public and private use airports in the United States, employing connected intelligent transportation systems architectures.


From sub-55 lb. aerial vehicles to large cargo and passenger transportation systems, new public and private infrastructure is being designed and built to usher in an all new system of transportation and autonomy.  These new facilities will employ short-range wireless networks to connect people and products with a wide range of connected and intelligent vehicle systems.

What Can AeroNet Do For..




Authenticate Traffic

License, Identify, & Authenticate Traffic

  • Provides Government, Business and Academia with anonymous real time traffic information
  • Ensures registered operators are in compliance with Federal, Sate and Local Standards for operational safety
  • Ensure Low-Altitude aircraft and automated ground vehicles operate within approved areas

Broadcast Routes & Rules

Rules, Routes, Arrival and Departure Procedures

  • Digitize precision Routes, Rules and Mathematical Travelway Models
  • Coordinate automated and piloted traffic
  • Reroute traffic dynamically in emergencies
  • Passive Radar Systems Detect Uncooperative Traffic

Active Collision Avoidance

V2V Communication

  • Increased situational awareness
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Teaming, platooning and swarm
  • Restricted airspace and Safety Messaging
  • Ad hoc cooperative assistance
  • Drone A forwards safety message to drone B to course correct..

Command and Control

Remote Operation

  • The Network may facilitate authenticated and encrypted remote command and control using ground and/or cellular devices.  Commercial, public safety, and emergency medical services operators can make use of the AeroNet for their purposes while their vehicles operate in the commingled environment, anonymously but authenticated.

Public Safety Messaging

Livestream Video / Multi-Hop Safety Messaging

  • Situation awareness is key to emergency response and public safety. From roadway accidents and multi-alarm fires, Public Safety Agencies can collaborate, transmit and share multi-hop live video and safety messages to improve agility and speed to response.

Vehicle-2-Anything Comm.

Infrastructure-Dictated Communication

Towers, tall buildings, bridges and airports deploy AeroNet to:
  • Broadcast restricted airspace
  • Authenticate authorized traffic
  • Communicate Safety Messages to ground based vehicles (i.e. unplanned landings on ground based rights of way).

Coordinated Traffic

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