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Streamlined Logistics.

An Integrated System

A system designed around making logistics as streamlined as possible. The Sigma-6 is designed around a modular payload system, giving commercial customers.

An Integrated System

The logistics required to move cargo from one place to another is often complex, costly and counterproductive. A mix of road and rail, air and sea leave a significant mark on company’s finances and their commitment to deliver a greener service.

SIGMA-6 offers a new way to deliver post, parcels, and all manner of products that have previously relied on traditional transport modes. We can ‘plug and play’ cargo of any dimension and material. This means that producers can lessen time schedules, getting cargo to its destination faster and with greater efficacy – making cost savings in the process. Whatever companies need to move – ASX and SIGMA-6 can move it.

100+ Miles at
125 MPH
Failure Tolerant

Cargo Module

The Sigma-6 can carry a payload weighing up to 2,000lbs. Extending from the flexibility that is at the core of our aircraft design, we have designed a cargo module that is configurable for different use cases.

Taking Mobility
to New Heights

Our vision: Democratize air mobility for the mass traveling public, leveraging a multimodal system of mobility that is operationally emission free