Smart Defense
Moving Military Assets Efficiently

ASX is passionate about National Security and we believe we can contribute to the efforts of our Armed Forces and troops by delivering efficient logistics that put people and mission critical equipment where they need to be, fast.
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Depending on the mission, the Sigma-6 can be employed as pure electric or Hybrid.


Pick a job to be done, and we'll design and build a payload in record time and cost.

Save Time

Perform a variety of jobs using a single platform saves time and eliminates waste.
In developing a fully modular system, ASX with the SIGMA 6 aircraft can offer greater utilization and flexibility of employment to contested areas with minimal ‘loiter time’ required. Down. In. Up. Off.
Mission capabilities can be defined and met simply by changing the utilization of a pod, whether it’s needed for cargo, troop transport, MEDEVAC, ISR, or even as a weapons delivery platform. Time is a currency in conflict. We can enrich our Forces, strengthening our Defense and powering our Attack, while reducing costs.