When the alarm is raised and an emergency needs a critical First Response Team to attend, time is of the essence.
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Depending on the mission, the Sigma-6 can be employed as pure electric or Hybrid.


Pick a job to be done, and we'll design and build a payload in record time and cost.

Save Time

Perform a variety of jobs using a single platform saves time and eliminates waste.

Support Team Transportation

The ability of transport support teams, Air National Guard, military and medical personnel into the disaster area and land near the injured persons support work with the most urgent needs can save lives and help people in a timelier manner. Ultimately the eVTOL aircraft can operate remotely with semiautonomous capabilities to assist in such operations.

Commodity, Medical Supply
& Med-EVAC

Positioning eVTOL units at the staging area can allow short-range delivery of food, water, blankets, and medical kits to the survivors directly, making a significant impact on the ground situation especially in the first few hours or days of a disaster. The ability to operate from small sites offers much better direct access to the survivors in need of help. The ability to operate in a semi-autonomous manner further enhances the potential to deliver critical supplies without a large number of skilled pilots.

Wild Fire Response

From Fire Suppressant Delivery and Firefighter Transport, to fire crew deployment and extraction, the Sigma-6 can be configured on-demand to meet the needs of Emergency Responders.
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