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Electrical Engineer



Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX: has a limited number of technical positions available for talented individuals passionate about flight. ASX has over a decade of eVTOL engineering and flight experience and is currently building a full-size development vehicle, the Sigma Six, for flight evaluations at its Detroit City Airport Engineering Center. The performance envelope of this electric aircraft exceeds that of high-end supercars and its operating cost on a $/lb./mile/hour basis is less than a class 8 truck. If you want to be part of this exciting opportunity working with a world class team to significantly impact the future of clean aviation and are qualified per the following job description, please contact ASX.

Job Description


  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or similar field
  • Experience with high voltage power distribution systems
  • Intermediate experience with coding (C++, Java, or similar)
  • Mechatronics or robotics experience
  • 2-4 years previous work experience in electrical engineering or related position
  • Knowledgable in the use of Solidworks or other computer-aided design software applications
  • Familiarity with computer aided electrical design
  • Competent with MS Office software
  • Thorough understanding of electronic systems and component materials
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Attention to detail with a desire for excellence


  • Designs and evaluates aircraft electrical systems including batteries, motors, inverters, TMSs and ancillary control systems, e.g., flap actuators
  • Performs verifications and validation on aircraft electrical subsystems and small electronics
  • Develops manufacturing processes for small electronics
  • Maintains product design documentation and reports
  • Develops system standards and maintains compliance with applicable standards and regulations
  • Develops engineering lifecycle documentation
  • Creates and maintains complex airborne electronic software


  • Electrical architecture design
  • Wiring harness design and fabrication
  • High voltage wiring design and fabrication
  • Complex airborne electronic system V&V
  • SolidWorks and MS office proficiency
  • Quality training, e.g., Six Sigma proficiency
  • Background in EMI/RFI detection and counter measures
  • Knowledge of managing/dissapating high voltage electrical strikes, e.g., lighting, to plane structural and electrical elements
  • Possess knowledge and ability to implement safe work practices
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