The key innovation of MOBi-One, which we've designed to be safe and reliable, is the use of Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) System. DEP provides for quiet and scale-free propulsion where electric motors provide high power to weight, efficiency, reliability, and compactness at different scales.


ASX has partnered with VerdeGo Aero, a leader in hybrid-electric propulsion, to integrate a turn-key propulsion system that enables our aircraft to fly continuously without recharging, unlike purely electric platforms.

MOBi-ONE will also feature tested autonomous flight controller and fly-by-wire technologies to automate stability, control, and operation.


We plan to begin operations with a pilot onboard, and expect fully autonomous flight by 2030.


With safety and mission assurance as our number one priority, MOBi-ONE will feature triple redundant system architecture and V/STOL capability so MOBI can land both vertically or conventionally in the event of an emergency.