An international team of visionaries, engineers, and technologists, who are passionate about converging automotive grade innovation and aerospace reliability with one goal, Private Air Mobility for Everyone - Affordable air mobility brought to you from Detroit.


Hail MOBi-One via ride sharing platforms from cities to airports and local suburbs within 100 miles


Integrated distributed electric propulsion system with a low-noise signature with our proprietary  low-tip speed propulsors.


Five times faster than driving for the same cost per mile


MOBI-One is 10x more efficient than helicopters due to fixed tilt-wing architecture and distributed motors

Clean Electric

Using hybrid electric and biofuel turbo-generators and ultimately move to all electric, with zero operational emissions.


Securely connected to broadband for high speed internet and V2X collision avoidance and safety.

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Payload Type: Passenger/ Cargo/ Medical/ EVAC

Optimal Payload: passengers or 1100 pounds of cargo

Flight Control: Pilot assisted and fully autonomous

Communication Technology:  DSRC (V2X)

Power train: Hybrid electric of full electric


Aircraft: MOBi-One

Take-off and landing: Vertica

Range: Up to 260 miles

Cruising speed: 150 mph

Type: Tilt wing with VTOL capability

Automotive Technology meets Aerospace Innovation

Proven aircraft technology

 MOBi-ONE aircraft design was inspired by the XC-142 designed, built, and tested in the 1960s. Our design merges the versatility of a helicopter and the speed. proven safety and efficiency of an airplane.

MOBi-One Innovation

The key innovation of MOBi-One, which we've designed to be safe and reliable, is the use of Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) System. DEP provides for quiet and scale-free propulsion where electric motors provide high power to weight, efficiency, reliability, and compactness at different scales.

More efficient than a helicopter

MOBi-One will feature redundant, digitally controlled vehicle thrust, and robust control throughout forward flight to hover with 4x cruise efficiency (lift/drag ratio) compared to helicopters.

Electric and Hybrid Propulsion

In addition to a purely electric solution, we are working to integrate a clean hybrid propulsion system that enables our aircraft to fly continuously without recharging.

Safety First

MOBi-ONE will feature triple redundant system architecture and V/STOL capability so MOBI can land both vertically or conventionally in the event of an emergency.

the future is autonomous

Operated initially with a pilot on board and expect to fly fully autonomous by 2030. With safety and mission assurance as to our number one priority, featuring tested autonomous flight controllers and fly-by-wire technologies to automate stability, control, and operation.

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