Our mission is to make air mobility accessible to the mass traveling public with emission free air mobility.

By offering a eco-friendly, quiet and connected “electric vertical takeoff and landing” (eVTOL) aircraft that leverages the perfect fusion of proven automotive grade innovation and aviation technology, ASX can
re-imagine the daily commute and give commuters time back to be more productive.

" Detroit and Michigan are strategically positioned to leverage its industrial base to lead in this rapidly emerging market for On Demand Air Mobility"

Bob A. Lutz - Former Vice Chairman General Motors

Traffic is taking over our lives

US drivers wasted $300 billion in fuel and productivity due to gridlock traffic



Productivity in dollars lost per driver per year due to traffic


1.9 billion

Gallons of fuel wasted per year due to traffic


97 hours

Time urban commuters sit in traffic per year

Drive Less, Do More

With the Sigma 6 VTOL aircraft, ASX will connect cities, suburbs, and surrounding airports like never before – getting you there faster, giving you time to do more.

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Air Mobility as a Service for Everyone

Commercial and Commuter Services

Our target customers are commercial and consumers alike. From logistics, freight operations, packaged goods companies to emergency services or generating revenue with individual riders via partnerships with ride-hailing services.

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Regional Airports today

Skyports tomorrow

Step 1: Re-energizing and connecting the 15,000 underutilized community/regional airports with surrounding urban centers and suburbs.

Step 2: Leverage a major build-out of additional urban Skyports.

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Connected Highway in the Sky

Our aircraft will leverage broadband and V2X near range communications technologies to keep our customers connected and to be a core partner to smart cities on how to safely manage traffic in the sky.

Made in Detroit

Designed, developed and built in Detroit, Michigan, We will help drive sustainable change and growth in the city by creating hundreds of new jobs and training opportunities for skilled professionals.